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Electric Lighting Agencies, INC

(212) 645-4580

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New York


36 West 25th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10010
tel. (212) 645-4580
fax (212) 929-0224

Tom Sica Ext. 104 tom@electriclighting.com
Ted Pearlman Ext. 106 ted@electriclighting.com
Roy Weintraub Ext. 218 roy@electriclighting.com
Outside Sales
Brian Labbe Ext. 109 brian@electriclighting.com
Arthur Gallombardo Ext. 118 arthur@electriclighting.com
Justin Levenburg Ext. 146 justin@electriclighting.com
Al Panico Ext. 269 al@electriclighting.com
Diane Paquet Ext. 101 diane@electriclighting.com
Nikolai Rokhlin Ext. 145 nikolai@electriclighting.com
John Weintraub Ext. 105 john@electriclighting.com
Courtney Yip Ext. 101 courtney@electriclighting.com
John Shicko Ext. 147 johns@electriclighting.com
Sultana Maharajh Ext. 119 sultana@electriclighting.com
Jusoong Sun Ext. 112 jusoong@electriclighting.com
Michael Trenouth Ext. 115 miket@electriclighting.com
Kirsys Vasquez Ext. 107 kirsys@electriclighting.com
John Benson Ext. 126 jbenson@electriclighting.com
Scott Joseph Ext. 143 sjoseph@electriclighting.com
Bradley Feldman Ext. 117 bradf@electriclighting.com
Customer Service
Risdon Bascom Ext. 155 riz@electriclighting.com
Carlotta Bonds Ext. 116 carlotta@electriclighting.com
Marnet Canady Ext. 100 marnet@electriclighting.com
Xiomara Figueroa Ext. 108 xiomara@electriclighting.com
Melanie Laiken Ext. 114 melanie@electriclighting.com
Jeff Rarig Ext. 144 jeff@electriclighting.com
Sarai Vasquez Ext. 113 sarai@electriclighting.com
Justin Levenberg Ext. 146 justin@electriclighting.com
Paul Soto Ext. 140 paul@electriclighting.com
Jake Cherry Ext.  jake@electriclighting.com

Long Island


500 North Broadway
Suite 258
Jericho, NY 11753
tel. (212) 645-4580
fax (516) 932-7548

Roy Weintraub Ext. 218 roy@electriclighting.com
Ted Pearlman Ext. 106 ted@electriclighting.com
Tom Sica Ext. 104 tom@electriclighting.com
Outside Sales
Joey Buchwald
Mike Ferraris mikef@electriclighting.com
Rachel Fischer rachel@electriclighting.com
Glen Karpinos
Todd Shapiro
Quotations / Customer Service
Haseena Correia Ext. 223 haseena@electriclighting.com
Zorina Seepersaud-Zaheid Ext. 225 zorina@electriclighting.com
Nazreena Twaalib-Trenouth Ext. 214 nazreena@electriclighting.com
Robert Velazquez Ext. 219 robert@electriclighting.com
Daniel Haas Ext. 226 daniel@electriclighting.com
Harshil Patel Ext. 227 harshil@electriclighting.com
Financial Department
Bernadine Forte Ext. 212 bernadine@electriclighting.com
Susan Goldfarb Ext. 211 susan@electriclighting.com