ELA offers outstanding support for every aspect of your controls needs including residential and commercial office buildings, hospitality, retail, education and healthcare. From start to finish we can design, deliver, program and support a complete functional and code compliant system whether it be simple, standalone rooms or a more complex system of distributed and centralized networked controls. We provide both wired and wireless solutions that can seamlessly integrate with third party systems. Our controls team is made up of individuals with highly technical backgrounds and decades of experience who can service and support your project like no one else can.


From simple, standalone solutions to networked infrastructure, Hubbell Controls Solutions has a product for all applications.

  • Hubbell Control Solutions (HCS) offers one of the industry’s broadest selections of Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors. Utilizing the embedded IntelliDAPT ® technology, HCS Sensors analyze the controlled area to make automatic adjustments in both sensitivity and timing settings for optimal performance, energy savings and maintenance-free operations.
  • The CX Commercial Lighting Control Panel is a self-contained lighting control system that replaces conventional timeclock and contactor combinations with a labor saving, simple and flexible module solution. CX provides a reliable standalone relay control solution to reduce energy consumption for small and intermediate size projects that are cost sensitive.
  • Hubbell Control Solutions’ NX Distributed Intelligence™ platform delivers a seamless lighting control solution. NX is capable of scaling from standalone fixture and room control applications to networked enterprise deployments. In standalone programming, the controlHUBB App provides wireless setup and configuration from a mobile device. Unlike many other systems, timeclock functions are integrated to the room controller. Network deployments are managed through a web browser. NX operates using wired, wireless and hybrid connectivity with native BACnet™ support.


As a leading global high-tech lighting company, OSRAM ENCELIUM offers a range of wired and wireless lighting control solutions for simplicity or smart building applications. With digitally addressable devices and UL924 compliant load controllers, ENCELIUM offers controls made easy.

  • The ENCELIUM EDGE™ Standalone Wireless Light Management System is designed for non-residential spaces that seek a code compliant, energy saving solution without the complexity often found in a networked light management system. The ENCELIUM EDGE System is simple to specify, install, setup and manage. Using installed hardware barcodes and the ENCELIUM EDGE Mobile Setup App, installers can get your space up and running quickly with minimal disruption.
  • The ENCELIUM® EXTEND Networked Light Management System (LMS) is a limitless expansion of the ENCELIUM EDGE™ platform. Driven by the Encelium X software, ENCELIUM® EXTEND utilizes a network of load controllers, fixture integrated controls, sensors and cloud connectivity to deliver a lighting solution that is easy to manage, code compliant and provides energy savings. Advanced Osram tunable white and DEXAL™ enabled fixtures can be paired with Somfy motors and BMS integration for a complete smart building network.


SENSORWORX is a new brand of lighting controls that is redefining the occupancy sensor category. Founded in 2017 by engineers with decades of experience in lighting controls, the team behind SENSORWORX has an unmatched resume of bringing high quality and innovative products to the lighting and building control marketplace. At the core of this claim is the incorporation of key innovations in three areas: Technology, Convenience, and Manufacturing Quality.

  • SENSORWORX products have been designed from the ground up utilizing the latest technology in electronics; creating a powerful foundation for performance and features.
  • SENSORWORX products are proudly made in the USA, at our state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facility in Connecticut.
  • Careful consideration has been given to the mechanical designs of SENSORWORX products to simplify and enhance the installation experience of an electrical contractor.

SENSORWORX sensors utilize advanced digital signal processing techniques to enhance our passive infrared and acoustic occupant detection technologies.


Lehigh manufactures a complete line of theatrical and architectural lighting systems, including dimmers, controls, distribution equipment, fixtures and energy management controls. We provide both standard and custom designed systems for stage, television, movie theaters, conference rooms, convention centers.

  • E-FlexTM lighting and energy control system is a relay based controller for switched and 0-10V lighting control for direct connection to dimming ballasts and LED drivers. The system is flexible enough to act as a standalone room controller, or to accept DMX512 directly to easily integrate alongside DMX-based architectural lighting.
  • Solitaire Impress modular dimming system provides 18-preset dimming control, with capacitive touch buttons and sliders. Master controllers are available with six, 0-10V (Soli 10V) or phase control outputs (STM6) and have a 2000-watt load capacity with up to 800 watts per channel.
  • For theatrical and architectural applications, the DX3 and SUNBURST dimming racks meet all the needs for todays theatrical and architectural dimming requirements. DX3 offers the industry’s highest dimmer density and is available in 15, 30, and 60 module configurations with dual 2.4kw dimmers and integral architectural control system. Paired with a Lehigh Lighting control console, this system is ideal for theatres, studios, churches and educational applications.