ELA offers outstanding support for every aspect of your controls needs including residential and commercial office buildings, hospitality, retail, education and healthcare. From start to finish we can design, deliver, program and support a complete functional and code compliant system whether it be simple, standalone rooms or a more complex system of distributed and centralized networked controls. We provide both wired and wireless solutions that can seamlessly integrate with third party systems. Our controls team is made up of individuals with highly technical backgrounds and decades of experience who can service and support your project like no one else can.


SENSORWORX is a new brand of lighting controls that is redefining the occupancy sensor category. Founded in 2017 by engineers with decades of experience in lighting controls, the team behind SENSORWORX has an unmatched resume of bringing high quality and innovative products to the lighting and building control marketplace. At the core of this claim is the incorporation of key innovations in three areas: Technology, Convenience, and Manufacturing Quality.

  • SENSORWORX products have been designed from the ground up utilizing the latest technology in electronics; creating a powerful foundation for performance and features.
  • SENSORWORX products are proudly made in the USA, at our state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facility in Connecticut.
  • Careful consideration has been given to the mechanical designs of SENSORWORX products to simplify and enhance the installation experience of an electrical contractor.

SENSORWORX sensors utilize advanced digital signal processing techniques to enhance our passive infrared and acoustic occupant detection technologies.


Lumos Controls Logo

Lumos Controls offers a comprehensive lighting control solution that combines energy efficiency, cost savings, customization, convenience, and safety. It enhances the user experience while promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

  • Customization: Lumos Controls provides extensive customization options, allowing users to create personalized lighting scenes and moods. Lighting fixtures can be controlled individually or in zones for the ultimate flexibility.  Features such as Daylight Harvesting, Occupancy and Vacancy Sensing, ColorTuning, Scene Control, and Time of Day Scheduling allow the user to tailor their lighting system to their occupant’s specific needs.
  • Integration and Control: Lumos Controls can be programmed and controlled via the mobile app, or a web based software platform. With the Web Application’s comprehensive reporting, the user can monitor energy in real time, as well as track occupancy and usage patterns. The Enterprise Gateway connects Lumos Controls to the cloud, and enables easy integration with any Building Management System.
  • Ease of Installation: The Lumos Room Controllers, Fixture Controllers, and keypads all communicate via a wireless Bluetooth Mesh network. This eliminates a great deal of wiring, making the system easier and cheaper to install.
  • Improved Safety and Security: Lumos Controls enhances safety and security by providing intelligent lighting solutions. For example, motion sensors can trigger lights to turn on automatically in hallways or outdoor areas, improving visibility and deterring potential intruders. Moreover, the ability to remotely control and monitor lighting adds an extra layer of security for users.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By promoting energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint, Lumos Controls contributes to environmental sustainability efforts. The system aligns with green building practices, energy codes, and environmental certifications, making it an environmentally responsible choice for lighting control.



Nexlight controls offer several benefits for various applications. Here is a summary of their key advantages

  • Energy Efficiency/Cost Savings: Nexlight controls are designed to optimize energy consumption by providing precise control over lighting systems. Users can dim or switch off lights when not needed, reducing energy waste and lowering electricity costs. Occupancy, Vacancy and Daylight sensors can all be incorporated into the system to optimize the user’s energy savings.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Nexlight panels come in multiple sizes, and can be stand alone or networked. The complete offering of low voltage occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and architectural keypads allow the user to customize the system to their exact needs.
  • Control and Integration: The easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI), allows users to program, monitor and control their system remotely. The GUI also includes an astronomical time clock feature, allowing the occupant to set schedules for the entire building from one central location. Nexlight Control Panels can control multiple load types, and can also be integrated with any Building Management System.



Intermatic Arista controls offer several advantages in the field of lighting and energy management.

  • Scalability and Ease of Installation: The Arista Control System is a customizable smart lighting control system best suited for buildings up to 10,000 square feet. The system helps building owners create dynamic, code-compliant indoor environments that optimize natural light and support the facilities lighting needs. Bluetooth wireless communication and optional battery powered sensors help speed up installations by reducing wiring needs.
  • Easy Smartphone Setup: The Arista app allows users to breeze through commissioning and manage settings once setup is complete. New users can be granted different levels of access and control based on occupant, facility manager or inspector.
  • Safe and Secure Networking: Arista uses a secure Bluetooth mesh protocol that allows components to communicate without the need for a traditional local area network. Every device transmission is protected by three 128-bit encrypted security keys.
  • Code Compliance: Arista meets the requirements of all major energy codes and has a variety of versatile components that make energy code compliance easy.